The healing ‘magic’ of homeopathic Chamomilla for children


By homeopath Marie Mcloughlin

The Chamomile is a pretty flower, but in Homeopathic potency it is so much more.

One time in Gatwick Airport in London, a toddler was exploding into the worst tantrum I have ever seen, her poor mother was so overwhelmed and embarrassed. I felt her pain! And I had my travel sized homeopathic kit with me. Continue reading

The covert cancer at the heart of orthodox medicine


By Ishtar Babilu Dingir

I first entered the world of alternative health therapies when I was a journalist on the Sunday Times, in the early Nineties. I quickly learned then how difficult it was to get a new therapy, which was having good results, accepted. In those days, my editor would insist that the paper couldn’t publish anything about a new therapy unless I found an orthodox doctor to comment on it favourably, or at least, neutrally. I’m sure you can imagine how difficult that was at first, until I gradually discovered which doctors were open to alternative health therapies and were more likely to give a fair comment.

Since then, the world of alternative or complementary therapies has taken off exponentially, but still there are the same battle lines drawn, so it seems, between orthodox medicine and us. And we always seem to be so much on the defensive, trying to justify using something that people have benefitted from in the East for thousands of years, but for which no or too little adequate testing has been performed to satisfy the requirements of orthodoxy. Continue reading

FDA slaps Glaxo with warning letter for FluLaval plant

GlaxoSmithKline headquarters

By Carly Helfand

After an inspection from March 31 to April 9 of this year, the FDA didn’t much like what it saw at GlaxoSmithKline’s Ste-Foy plant in Quebec, home of the company’s FluLaval influenza vaccines. Now, the agency has issued a warning, pointing its finger at the British drugmaker for not doing its part to avoid contamination.

In a warning letter dated June 12 and posted to the FDA’s website Tuesday, the regulator highlighted ongoing bacteria problems that have resulted in GSK tossing more than 20 per cent of the lots it has produced this year alone. Continue reading

Top Five Powerful Herbs to Combat Fatigue Naturally

Continue reading

Wine or your waistline? Four rules to help you avoid putting on the pounds when drinking alcohol


By Sunny Sea Gold

Let’s face it, sometimes there’s nothing better at the end of a long day than a glass of wine.

But sipping much more than that can wreak havoc with your shape, and not just by adding hundreds of calories to your diet. Alcohol temporarily keeps your body from burning fat, explains integrative medicine specialist Dr. Pamela M. Peeke, author of the book “The Hunger Fix.” Continue reading

The importance to health of tissue salts – and how to use them

Schuessler Salts

By homeopath Marie McLoughlin

We are living in a time where the environment we inhabit is becoming more and more toxic to us. This is due to many factors, most of them created by corporate greed and a desire to monetise every natural thing, from the water we drink to our weather and our fertility.

We have no real idea what impact GMOs will have on our health, long term. Nor what nano-tech will unleash. But what we can do is optimise our individual vital force – we are designed to survive after all!

As a homeopathic practitioner, patients come to me with specific problems which are uniquely theirs. For example, one baby’s eczema is totally different from another baby’s. My headache will be completely different from yours. Homeopaths treat the individual’s symptoms, not the named condition.

But certain things are common to all of us and there is a range of cell salts called Biochemical Tissue Salts. Continue reading